Sunday, February 21, 2010

All About Steve - 2009


Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) is a crossword puzzle writer for the Sacramento Herald. As brilliant as her puzzles are, having an encyclopedic mind also makes her socially awkward. On a blind date set up by her parents, Mary meets Steve Mueller (Bradley Cooper), a cameraman for a cable news channel. Steve turns out to be handsome and charming, and Mary is immediately smitten even after a not-so-romantic first date. Mary's infatuation is not reciprocated by Steve, but she is egged on by newscaster Hartman Hughes (Thomas Haden Church), who enjoys seeing his cameraman Steve suffer. After being fired from her job for creating a crossword titled, "All About Steve," Mary decides to follow Steve around the country. Mary meets and is driven around the country by protesters Elizabeth (Katy Mixon) and Howard (DJ Qualls). While following Steve, the group experiences a tornado, but survives. Eventually Mary falls into a mine shaft while following Steve, causing her and Steve to become a story themselves. Mary is trapped in the mine with a deaf girl. Mary discovers a way that they can escape, and is then joined by Hartman, who failed at being a hero but still helps her. Mary realizes that she does not need Steve to be happy -- she has friends. She then states, "If you need to stalk a guy, he probably isn't right for you in the first place."


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Rizky2009 said...


kalau meta tag nya ada banyak berpengaruh nggak sih ???

maksudnya berpengaruh yg kaya gimana sob ? bikin blog jadi berat atau apa ?

Meigi Rahman said...

yupz bikin berat kagak ???
ada tdk manfaatnya semua meta tag tsb ??

(lucu yah admin nanya ama pengunjung)

Rizky2009 said...

kayaknya enggak bikin berat sob, manfaatnya biar postingan kamu atau blog kamu terindex ama google gt

coba kamu cek judul postingan kamu di goole dengan keword judul postingan kamu blog kamu terindex ga

Meigi Rahman said...

oh gitu yah... makasih sob infonya ^_^

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