Monday, February 8, 2010

Dang Gedunai - From Riau

Long time ago in Riau, lived a kid named Dang Gedunai. He lived with his mother. Dang Gedunai was a stubborn kid. His mother was sad. Dang Gedunai was her only child but he never made her happy. One day, Dang Gedunai went to the river to catch some fish. “Mother, I want to go to the river. I want to go fishing,” said Dang Gedunai to his mother. “It’s cloudy outside. Rain will soon fall. Why don’t you just stay at home?” said his mother. As always Dang Gedunai ignored her. He then went to the river. 

It was very cloudy when he arrived at the river. Soon it was drizzling, but Dang Gedunai was still busy fishing. Later rain fell down heavily. Dang Gedunai finally gave up. However right before he left, he saw something shining in the river. It was a very big egg. Dang Gedunai then brought the egg home. 

His mother was surprised to see him brought a big egg. “What egg is that? Where did you find it?” she asked. “I found it in the river, Mother,” replied Dang Gedunai. “Be careful with the egg. It’s not yours. You should return it,” advised his mother. As always, Dang Gedunai ignored his mother’s advice. He planned to eat the egg even though his mother said not to. 

In the morning, his mother was ready to go to the paddy field. Again, she advised Dang Gedunai to put the egg back to the river. Dang Gedunai did not say anything. When his mother left the house, he immediately boiled the egg. Then he ate it. It was so delicious. He was so full and suddenly he fell asleep. He had a dream. A giant dragon came to him in his dream. “Human, you stole my egg! For the punishment, you will become a dragon.” 

Dang Gedunai woke up with fear. He was sweating. He felt very thirsty. Later his mother went home. She saw her son panicking. “What happened?” she asked. “I don’t know, Mother. Suddenly I feel very thirsty. My throat is like burning,” said Dang Gedunai. His mother then gave him a glass of water. It’s not enough. He drank another glass, and then another glass until there was not any water left in the house. His mother told him to go the pond. Dang Gedunai drank all the water until the pond was dried. But it was not enough. Then they went to the river. 

Again it was not enough. Dang Gedunai knew his dream would come true. He would become a dragon. “Mother, please forgive me. I ignored you. I ate the egg. It was a dragon’s egg. I will change to a dragon. I cannot live with you anymore. I will live in the sea. If you see big waves in the sea, that means I’m eating. But if the waves are calmed, then it means I’m sleeping,” said Dang Gedunai. 

Then Dang Gedunai left his mother. He headed for the sea. His mother couldn’t do anything to stop him. She just cried. Until now fishermen don’t want to go fishing in the sea when the waves are big. They know that the dragon is eating. They just wait until the dragon is finished eating and the waves are calmed.


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