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The Final Destination - BDRip


Whilst watching a race at McKinley Speedway for a break from studying, college student Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a premonition of a car crash which sends debris into the audience, crushing some spectators and resulting in the stadium partially collapsing, which would have killed almost everyone present in the 180 section. In a panic Nick manages to convince his girlfriend Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten), and friends Hunt Wynorski (Nick Zano) and Janet Cunningham (Haley Webb) to leave. The quartet are followed out by a handful of others who have become angry with Nick after he pushes past them to escape. A security guard named George Lanter (Mykelti Williamson) intervenes when everyone begins to argue outside, just as the catastrophe Nick had foreseen occurs. After a memorial service at McKinley Speedway, two of the spectators who followed Nick and his friends out of the stadium - Carter Daniels (Justin Welborn) and Samantha Lane (Krista Allen) - died violently in freak accidents: Carter is blown up with his tow truck and Samantha is killed by a flying rock propelled by a lawnmower, which goes through her eye. Before their deaths, Nick had seen omens of how they would die.

After hearing about Carter and Samantha's deaths on the news, Nick and Lori begin doing research, and learn about the disasters that occurred in the previous three films (the explosion of Flight 180, highway pile-up of Route 23, and roller coaster derailment in McKinley, Pennsylvania) and discover that the survivors (who were saved by premonitions) began dying in a series of improbable accidents shortly afterwards. While Hunt and Janet refuse to believe them, Nick and Lori manage to convince George that Death is after them and the trio begin trying to warn other survivors, though fail to save any except for Janet, who nearly drowns getting her car washed. The next survivors to die are Andy Kewzer (Andrew Fiscella), Hunt and Jonathan Grove (Jackson Walker).

Hunt later goes to the pool and his intestines are sucked in violently and George is abruptly killed just before Nick has a second premonition showing him that Lori and Janet will die while watching a film in a shopping mall cinema after an explosion in a room above the theatre. Nick rushes to reach them, while Lori begins spotting omens warning her that the danger is not over. Once Nick arrives, he and Lori attempt to convince Janet to leave, but are unsuccessful in their efforts. Janet is killed in the explosion and Lori also meets her demise by being crushed in an escalator. Nick then realizes that the event was just another premonition, and is able to save his friends by extinguishing the fire that would have caused the initial explosion.

Weeks later, the trio, thinking they have conquered Death's plan, celebrate surviving in a cafe. Nick notices a loose leg on a scaffold outside the cafe, and he tells a construction worker to fix it up. Once inside he drifts off into thought after seeing omens around him, and realizes that his premonitions and signs, along with all the disasters and deaths that had occurred since the speedway incident, are red herrings from Death used to manipulate them into where and when it would really come for them. Just as Nick realizes this, the scaffold falls, and in order to avoid it, a truck swerves, crashes through the cafe window, and kills the group, thus leaving all connected to the McKinley Speedway disaster dead.

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