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The Hangover (2009) - BRRIp


Doug (Justin Bartha) is about to be married to Tracy (Sasha Barrese), and his friends — Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and soon-to-be brother-in-law Alan (Zach Galifianakis) — take him to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Tracy's father lends them his car, a vintage Mercedes convertible for the trip. The four get a villa at Caesars Palace hotel and casino, then sneak onto the roof and toast to the night ahead. The next morning, the three groomsmen wake up in the suite with no memory of the previous night, and realize that Doug is missing. Clues abound: the suite is in severe disorder, a tiger is in the bathroom, a baby is in the closet, Stu is missing a tooth, one of the suite's mattresses is impaled on a statue outside, Phil is wearing a hospital bracelet, Stu has an $800 ATM receipt, and a valet brings them a stolen police cruiser they dropped off the night before.

While retracing their steps, a doctor at the hospital informs them that they had traces of roofies in their blood, explaining their memory loss, and that they came from a wedding. They find the chapel, and learn that Stu, despite planning to propose to his controlling girlfriend Melissa, married a stripper named Jade (Heather Graham), the mother of the baby in the closet. On the parking lot, they escape an attack by two armed Asian gangsters who beat up the police car yelling "where is he?". Confused, the men visit Jade's apartment and return the baby, but are taken by surprise and arrested for stealing the police cruiser. Phil negotiates their release in exchange for the three groomsmen "volunteering" as targets for a taser demonstration. They then retrieve the Mercedes from an impound lot and discover a naked Asian man in the trunk. The man attacks them and runs away, and Alan admits to spiking their drinks the night before with what he thought was ecstasy, but realizes the drug dealer must have sold him roofies instead. They return to the hotel and find former boxing champion Mike Tyson in their room, who was looking for his stolen tiger. Tyson knocks out Alan and orders them to return the pet to his mansion. They drug the tiger with roofies and transport it in the Mercedes, but before they reach Tyson's mansion, it wakes up and destroys the car's interior. Tyson plays security footage of the groomsmen's activities from the night before in an effort to help them locate Doug.

Resuming their search, the three are confronted by the thugs, who, as it turns out, are led by the naked man they found in the trunk of their car, Leslie Chow. According to Chow, the groomsmen have $80,000 of his money, which they accidentally took the night before. Chow demands it back in exchange for Doug, whom he has kidnapped. Unable to find the money, Alan uses his knowledge of card counting to win it playing blackjack. The money is repaid, but Chow had kidnapped a different Doug, who turns out to be the drug dealer who sold Alan the roofies. After a conversation with the Doug the drug dealer, Stu remembers that hotel windows do not open in Las Vegas; he infers that the mattress on the statue must have been thrown from the roof, that the group must therefore have been on the roof at one point, and that they likely locked a sleeping Doug there as a prank. Rushing back to the hotel, they find him with less than four hours before the wedding. Stu and Jade agree that they cannot remain married, but promise to meet the following weekend to see what develops between them. Jade also reveals that Stu had pulled out his own tooth on a dare from Alan. As they rush home and make it to the wedding, Doug discovers he has Chow's $80,000 worth of casino chips in his pockets. Doug marries Tracy, and Stu breaks up with Melissa. As the reception ends, Alan reveals a digital camera he discovered in the back seat of the Mercedes chronicling the events they were unable to remember, and the four agree to look at the pictures only one time before destroying the evidence.

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