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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009)


Flint Lockwood (voiced by Bill Hader), a young enthusiastic inventor had always wanted to invent something awesome ever since he was young. His dream of inventor was supported by his mother and he started to make inventions such as Spray-On Shoes formula (which made his feet stuck in his shoes for whole life), hair unbalder, and walking televisions. However, people and peers only laughed or picked on Flint, but he did not give up.

Due to the rest of the world realizing that sardines are "Super Gross", people in Swallow Falls are forced to eat the sardines which they used to export. Greedy mayor Shelbourne (voiced by Bruce Campbell) aims to open Sardine Land to attract tourists to revitalize their economy. Flint Lockwood meanwhile invents a machine that can make water molecules form into food, and realizes that it could change the people's lives on the island, who are suffering from eating the super gross sardines, but Flint needs more power to run his machine.

The next day during the opening of Sardine Land, Flint sneaks out of his father's tackle shop with his pet monkey Steve (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) (who can communicate with Flint with a Monkey thought translator) to fuse the power stations source to run the machine. The machine ends up destroying Sardine Land and flying up into the stratosphere, also ruining weather intern Sam Sparks’ (voiced by Anna Faris) big break to become a famous weather girl who came with her camera man Manny voiced by Benjamin Bratt). Flint flees to the docks to sulk, and meets Sam. There the two witness the rain of cheeseburgers from giant purple clouds in the sky, along with the rest of Swallow Falls. Flint becomes famous for this amazing miracle and he builds a communication device to send in orders to the machine. People start to order special food to fall from the sky. For example, Earl (voiced by Mr. T), the town’s cop, requests an ice cream snowday for his son Cal’s (voiced by Bobb'e J. Thompson) birthday, and a massive Jell-O mold during a date with Sam.

When Flint’s father suggests to turn off the machine, Flint refuses and scolds him for how he is never proud of him, and he should just leave him for his own interests. Then one day, Flint notices that the food is beginning to rain in oversized proportions, but the Mayor orders Flint not to turn off the machine. Flint orders Spaghetti for the next days Grand Re-Opening ceremony for Swallow Falls’ new name Chewandswallow. After Flint cuts the ribbon for the worldly tourists, the spaghetti he ordered forms a tornado and leaves the town in peril. Flint arrives at his lab to find the Mayor ordering a Las Vegas’ style buffet, unaware of whats happening. Flint attempts to send a kill code to the machine, but the Mayor destroys the communication device before the kill code can be sent.

Meanwhile Sam contacts the broadcasting system to warn everyone that the great danger of food storm is emerging in whole world. As a massive food storm rolls in around the world, Flint rebuilds a previous invention, the Flying Car and stores the kill code into a USB Drive. And him along with Sam, Steve, Manny (voiced by Benjamin Bratt) the Sam’s camera man, and ‘Baby’ Brent (voiced by Andy Samberg), who is the celebrity mascot of Baby Brent’s Sardines enter the stratosphere to save the world. The group finds that the machine has shelled itself inside a giant meatball, where water comes in through the top and a food hurricane exits from the bottom. Flint loses the USB Drive during the flight and he calls his father to tell him to go to his lab and send the kill code to his cell phone.

Flint, Sam, and Brent enter the meatball while Manny and Steve stay outside and they have to face and fight with the food that has gained artificial intelligence along with other mutated food. That same time, the mountain of leftover food collapses and everyone of Chewandswallow manages to escape the town before being crushed, except for Tim who is covered by food before sending the kill code. Though it is shown that Tim survives and he manages to crawl out of the food and send the code to Flint. Flint is forced to head on to the machine alone when Sam is cut by peanut brittle and puffs up due to her allergy. Flint jams his phone into its USB port, but it turns out Tim sent the wrong document, but Flint manages to triumph using his Spray-On Shoes formula to block the food extraction hole, Flint then lets go of the machine and falls out of the bottom of the meatball.

Sam, and Brent escape the meatball back into the Flying Car, watch as the meatball explodes, and realizing Flint is still there. Thinking Flint is dead to the explosion, everone including Tim mourns Flint's death. At that moment, Flint returns unharmed carried by his own creaction ratbird hybrids. Everyone cheers for his efforts of saving the world, and his father finally admits he is proud of his son, they embrace in a hug, and after Flint and Sam share their first kiss. Everyone returns to Chewandswallow, which is now covered in food.

During the credits sequence, it is shown though 2D animation that the town has been renamed Chewandswallow 2, Flint and Tim open a business that uses his Spray-On Shoes spray to fix rooftops, and the mayor is arrested by Earl and Cal for his greedy no-good behavior.

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